The 2016 Drag Race is hosted by the beautiful and talented Monique Madison. We are SUPER excited to have Monique hosting the Drag Race this year. The variety of the contestants this year is phenomenal . We are proud to have such a great host with a great attitude. 

Ladies and Gentleman start your engines!

The Partners Drag Race III 2016

Starting Line Up:

1. Chelsea DelRay
2. Justin Cider - WINNER!!
3.Lilly Beach
4. Ivy Lawless
5. Scarlette Hawthorn
6. Cassity Waywood
7. Ravenna - 1ST RUNNER UP!!

Partners Drag Race: Broadway Challeng

#partnersdragraceBROADWAY CHALLENGELily Juju Beach Vs Ravenna Romanov

Posted by Yolanda Del Fierce on Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 Drag Race 1st Runner Up Ravenna!!

​Week #6

Scarlette Hawthorne

​ I am from Las Vegas, NV originally moved to Lansing, MI with family when I was a child. Grew up a majority of life in the Lansing area, but I now call Kalamazoo home.

This is my fourth month doing drag.

I love doing drag because it allows me to be someone else for a couple hours in a realm of reality I have created for myself. There is safety, beauty and a confidence in this realm that does not exist in the real world and I love being able to present that on stage!I want to win drag race as a start to branching out into the bigger world of drag. Being quite new to the drag world, I think it would be a great way to build a confidence that would lead to big things in my drag career.

​Week #1
Partners Drag Race Finale

#partnersdragrace has come to an end and Justin Cider rose to the top and claimed the title! To all the contestants you all did amazing!!! Thank you to Partners Bar for this amazing opportunity to entertain and capture the moment for everyone to enjoy!Until next time!Yolanda Del Fierce

Posted by Yolanda Del Fierce on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Justin Cider

I am from Battle Creek--lived here most of my life. I have a theatre background and have performed on stage and in improvised dinner theatre murder mysteries.

 I have been doing drag for zero years; have only performed for the Turnabout a small handful of times.

I enjoy drag because it allows me to BE someone else. That new person takes me way out of my comfort zone. Justin sings, behaves and dresses in waysI never thought I could. Partners bar has taken such good care of me throughout the years and the drag race is no exception. It is a rare gift to receive such support from everyone: owners, staff and patrons.

Ivy Jean Lawless
Kalamazoo, Mi

Been doing Drag just under a decade

I love doing drag because it allows me to express myself in an artistic way

 I would love to win drag race. Because it’s been my dream to own at least one title before I retire from drag.

22 years old
Jackson, MI

Been doing drag 2 years as of this month.

I love doing drag because it's a creative outlet to express all the parts of yourself you can't in everyday life. Ravenna is truly my alter ego as much as she is a part of me everyday. Also the opportunity expose people to new music , artists, and styles they've never seen or experienced before.

I should win Drag Race because it's my time. I deserve this shit. Not to say that some of these other girls aren't fierce and want it just as bad, but it's my fucking time. I'm ready to take this title and demand the recognition and respect it deserves and go on to earn the Miss Amateur Partners title and continue to build up my reputation and brand as well as represent the bar in a positive light always within the community and beyond.

The only other thing you need to know is that I have my game face on and its fucking flawless.

Cassity Waywood
Bronson, MI

Been doing drag for 3 years

Drag makes me realizes the true meaning of family

 I want to win drag race because of the fact that I can show that I can improve

 I have a lot of energy and a lot of heart for anything that I can accomplish.

Lily JuJubee Beach
Originally from Va and currently in BC, Mi

I’ve been doing drag on and off for 5 years

I love doing drag because it's a way for me to express myself and not be judged for doing what I think is right I want to win the Drag Race because I give it my all and take all the critics and apply them all the time and I love Partners, it's been my home bar for almost 4 years and all I wanna see is its triumphant rise.

Chelsea Delray
 I reside in Coldwater Mi

I started in 1988 YES that's 28 amazing years

I love the thrill of a audience loving what u are doing as much as you love doing it love of the fans is greatest high ever.

My winning would show "old school drag" is still alive and appreciated and to help put Partners on the map as the best gay bar in Michigan.

 I have been role model to 80 drag kids 209 grandkids and 116 great grandkids all part of the house of Delray. I'm also blessed to be 1 of only 5 drag queens in Michigan history to ever win a national pageant.

​Week #3

2016 Drag Race Competition

​Week #5

2016 Drag Race Winner Justin Cider!!!

Partners Show Bar & Lounge

​Week #4
​Week #2